iBurst 1800MHz 7dBi

Omnidirectional Antenna

Operating Frequency -1760MHz - 1810MHz

Product code: Product Code OMNI-A0072

This antenna covers 1787MHz to 1797MHz iBurst bands. The antenna has been designed to be suitable for outdoor use and is easy to install

A-PANL-0010 Datasheet.pdf A-PANL-0010 Datasheet.pdf

 12dBi Quad Patch (iBurst Panel)

Operating Frequency - 1780-1800 MHz

Product code: A-PANL-0010

 This high gain directional antenna is developed for the iBurst 1780 to 1800 MHz band and is ideal for client. The antenna has been designed for outdoor usage. Mounting brackets allow it to be either wall or pole mounted.

Yagi Antenna

The RAY 1800/17 is a 20 Element Yagi Antenna for long range/out of zone iBurst Wireless Internet connections. Each antenna comes U bolt for mast mounting. The cable minates witc a N-type male conector. A RF cable  and pigtail  adaptor cable is required for connection to the iBurst Modem,

Frequency Range 1780 - 1810 Mhz Gain 17 dBi , Lenth  1 Meter. Input Connector SMA Male on 5M Cable, Weight: 0.70 Kg

With iBurst you will get a signal from the tower. Base station geployed by a network operator, like today’s cellular services. Wireless modems is used. This means that no cable theft and no reason to be with out internet, The signal selectively amplifies each user’s internet signal and rejects all unwanted signals, allowing more users to share the spectrum.

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